Monday, February 1, 2021

Savotta Big and Bad Bushcraft and Survival Stove - Real Review

This is it, the last of the Finnish Wood Burning Stoves which I have been working to review!

Made by Savotta, this is the Big and Bad and the question becomes, how big is too big?


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Savotta Big and Bag Wood Burning Stove – Real Review
Price : Retail price is around $55 but I have seen it for as low as $44 as scandinavianoutdoor site; that is where I purchased mine.

Availability : If you are interested in this stove and you live in Europe, they will be easy to locate. If you are in the USA, it will have to be imported.

I ordered this from scandinavianoutdoor with my own money as I am Agenda Free. I ordered it from this site even though it says that it can be exported to the USA or Canada.

Weight of Stove with Bag : 18.4oz / 1.24lbs

Weight of Bag : 1.4oz

Stove Material : 0.8mm Laser-cut stainless steel.

Protective Bag Material : 1000D Cordura, PUR coated.

Setup Size : (Measure) roughly 5 1/2” wide x 5 ½” long x 5 ¾” tall with pot supports

Dimensions Flat : 6 ¾” x 6.5” x .5” thick

From the Company :
Big Bad Stove – the heaviest artillery of Savotta twig stoves! Big and bad, this stove is stronger and the firebox is larger than its younger siblings Happy and Grumpy. It has the same high-functioning structure because why improve on perfection? The stove comprises 7 laser-cut stainless steel components: three side walls, a bottom, a “face” and a cooking support in two sections. Once clicked into place, the stove is ready for use.

Pros :

The pros and cons that I have for this stove very much match those that I have stated for the previous editions of this stove as the only real difference between them all is size, weight and thickness of the metal plates.

This being the largest of the 3 stoves and features the thickest plates.

Setup : For an experienced user like myself, I can set this up in roughly 30 seconds and rock and roll. There is a flip side to this, if you aren’t familiar with stoves like this, it might give you a little trouble....more on this soon.

Design is good - the ash plate protects the ground while the stove still offers good oxygen allowance for your fire to burn efficiently. Also, the way that the stove goes together is just as good as many of the top names out there and is better than some of the collapsible wood burning stoves out there.

There are some bad ones and in fact, I recently reviewed one of them and that was the Small Lixada wood burning stove.

Included pot supports - you would be surprised at how many stoves don’t come with these and their efficiency suffers greatly because of it.

Packs down flat which means that it can easily fit just about any place; backpack, pocket, chest rig, etc.

Light weight.

Good size for one to two people and with small to medium size pots, pans and cups.

Due to the size, it is good for high heat and also simmering

The gauge of the stainless is good; it is thicker than some while being thinner than some others. It’s a good balance of thickness and strength while keeping a good weight.

Free fuel…..which saves you money.

Fun to use

Easy to clean up.

Very stable - can be setup on just about any type of surface and it doesn’t have to be completely flat like with some similar stoves.

Cons :

While not complicated by any means, the setup will take a bit more work and attention the first couple of times that you use it. You might have it come apart or have to work to get everything to connect and fall into place correctly.

Pricey for a Hobo Stove…but you are getting an awesome form factor and great quality in addition to a very well thought-out and good performing stove. I should mention that this isn’t the most expensive of folding wood stoves; emberlit is a good bit more expensive for an example. They are much cheaper versions as well.


Savotta makes excellent stoves and that is the case with the Big and Bad version. It is expensive but you do get a very nice product that has a sense of humor.

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