Monday, February 22, 2021

LiteFighter Responds - LiteFighter Catamount 2 Tent Update (Recall)

Since the catastrophic failure of the Catamount 2 Tent I have been in touch with LiteFighter and I am here today to share with you all that I have learned.
LiteFighter has gone All-Hands-On-Deck and I am more than impressed!
This is an episode of Companies Respond!
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1 comment:

  1. It sounds like Litefighter has a problem with their Quality Control Department. Somebody didn't review the final product. Same with that other MSR tent. They design a tent, then manufacturer wherever by whoever and nobody is taking a look at the outcome. The subcontracted manufacturer cut a corner, the company didn't bother to catch it, and now you are out in the freezing cold taking a shower in a $500 tent. Okay, they'll fix it. What about the next tent they design?