Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Pop-Up Goodness or Pop-Up Junk? Teton Sports Vista Quick Hiker Review

In this Agenda Free Review, Luke is going over his Pros and Cons concerning an interesting Pop-up tent from Teton Sports.

This is the Vista 2 Quick it worth your hard earned money?

Find out now! 
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Teton Sports Vista 2 Quick Tent - Review

Setup Measurements : 82" x 60" x 41"

Weight : 6.3 lbs

Packed Measurements : 33” x 7” x 7”


The Fly : 75D 190T Taffeta

That is all that is listed but I suspect the floor is made of a polyester material of some sort.

Price : Retail $120

Colors : There is an impressive variety of colors in which this tent is available : 

grey and silver




Accessories : Teton has a number of available accessories for the quick hiker series of tents including cots and an elite rain fly which goes to the ground when the tent is being used on a cot.

Available Versions

Quick Tent 1 Person

Quick Tent 2 Person 

And there are sets which feature a quick tent and a cot. 


Review Pros :

Good quality

Size and weight isn’t bad considering this is a car camping tent. I’ve read reviews where people are complaining about backpacking with this tent…..which is pretty funny.

With my testing this tent has been 100% waterproof.

Fast setup and breakdown.  The keyword is can be; there is a con here; with the popup and breakdown mechanism, it can be a bit finicky and if you aren’t careful you can get it misaligned.  

Also, it isn’t always easy to get it locked or to unlock the mechanism. 
The cord on top of the locking mechanism can get stuck in the setup mechanism if you aren’t careful.

Good color options

Review Cons : 

No way to pull the fly out and away from the tent body - because of this condensation control could be better with this tent. The fly will often times lay on the mesh of tent

Lack of vents and again, no way to pull the fly away from the body on all sides means that ventilation doesn’t rate very high.

I spoke of the issues with setting up and breaking down the tent.  The mechanism isn’t the smoothest or the easiest to use.

Fly can come into contact with the tent body and if you have this tent sealed up and condensation has formed on the fly, it can run down tent body or even fall into the tent.

Due to the plastic and fiberglass frame, I would recommend being careful and setting up the tent and breaking it down delicately. There are plenty of reports of these tents breaking….I haven’t had any issues yet but I have been careful with it.

Summary :
All in all I like this tent but I don’t love it; the quality is good, it’s waterproof but as is, it isn’t the best tent for locations that receive a lot of rain and that’s because of the poor ventilation and condensation control.

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