Wednesday, September 6, 2023

This is Different! - Boundless Voyage Titanium Mess Kit - Ultralight Kit...

What I have here today is a titanium mess kit that’s quite interesting - as you are about to see this is an ultralight versatile kit - versatile in multiple ways.

With this kit we have two containers, one I call a pot the other I call a cup.

Did I mention that you can hang these over a fire?  

Oh yeah, very interesting indeed. 

- Boundless Voyage Titanium Mess Kit :

- Boundless Voyage Titanium Mess Kit Larger Size :

- Boundless Voyage Mess Kit With Canteen :

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Boundless Voyage Mess Kit : 

Materials : Titanium pot and cup, polyester storage bag, 

600ml + 300ml kit 
750ml + 400ml kit 

Kits : I should mention that this is the mess kit - there is a canteen version that includes an actual water canteen and a canvas carry kit - it is substantially more expensive at $130.

600ml + 300ml kit : $50
750ml + 400ml kit : $55

600ml + 300ml : 
Full kit : 4” tall x 5.5” wide x 3.5” deep

Weight :
600ml + 300ml Version :
Total Kit : 8.2oz
600ml Pot : 3.6oz
300ml Cup : 2.2oz
Lid : 1.0oz
Pot hang and storage bag : 1.1oz

Review Pros :

- Price is fair in my opinion when you consider the fact that you are getting a 600ml pot along with a 300ml pot.
- Very lightest
- Small form factor
- Excellent quality - no issues with heating - warping, cooking, edges, etc.
- Pot and Cup are of a good size for most tasks.
- Very versatile kit – take with you what you need depending on the trip – you can take the pot for cooking, the cup for coffee or the rest of the kit if you have others with you or if you need both components.
- Very smart design - the way that the system stakes is smart.  
- The way that the system can hang over a fire is also smart.
- Good size storage bag - it fits everything with ease.
- Enough room inside of the large pot for additionals. 
- Good handles - comfortable enough
- Grab tab on the lid stands up and doesn’t fall over. 
- Stable system - flat bottom 

Review Cons :

- Lid doesn’t have a vent so once boiling begins there can be some chaos.  
- The shape of the kit makes stirring whatever it is that you are heating up or cooking difficult.  Not impossible but it does take a bit more work.  In a round pot or cup, you can get some good swirling action - the shape of this system isn’t conducive of swirling. 

Summary :

Boundless Voyage has impressed me with this kit - it’s ultralight, high quality and I can easily recommend it. 

The full kit weighs very little and can be scaled down based upon your needs and the adventure that you are going on. 

Considering the materials and the design, the price is fair and ultimately, there isn’t much to complain about; I can easily recommend it.

BTW, this mess kit is being sold by Boundless Voyage - other Chinese companies offer this exact same kit with the exact same components - the only difference is the logo.  

In other words this is a re-label - I can’t comment about the similar products.  I suspect they will be exactly the same but there could be quality control differences. 
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