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This Product Has Blown My Mind & It's Only $60 - BRS-32 Double Burner St...

I will be honest, I've never seen a stove like this and the fact that it costs only $60 blows my mind!

The other day I received an email from a viewer who was telling me about an interesting stove that they had come across. I went and checked it out and what do you know, the stove is indeed wild!  

It features two burners, folds and unfolds….but not in a way that you might be thinking.  I personally have never seen a stove fold and unfold in such a manner.

I was so intrigued that I ordered one, I've had it for a few weeks and have begun testing it out.

In this episode, we will be taking a look at it and I’ll share my thoughts concerning it with you. 

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BRS-32 Stove Info :
The company BRS has a good reputation for making stoves of all types. The BRS 3000T is very popular with the ultralight crowd - if you have seen that stove you know why, it is TINY!

It’s easily one of the smallest stoves out on the market and it’s inexpensive, $17

Fuel : ISOButane out of the box - with adaptors it can run on Butane alone, propane and so on.

BTU’s : 6600BTU’s x 2 

Dimensions Stored : Measure

Dimensions Set-up : 16.33"L x 7.36"W x 3.74"H

Materials : Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper

Weight : 2lbs 4.2oz for the stove and the case adds 4oz.

Price : At the time of filming, the price of this stove is $60 and get this, you can buy it on Amazon.  

Impressions :
quality - seems to be excellent especially for the money.
Materials : while the quality of the stove is good, I will say some of the materials are a bit soft. For an example, there are Tin-like panels which can be bend easily.
Size as far as carrying goes - impressive considering this is a double burner stove
Size as far as using the stove - the burner heads are fairly close together so if you plan to cook to use both burners at the same time, the pans needs to be medium in size or a combination, one smaller one and one larger one.  That sort of thing. Two large pans won’t sit safely on the stove 
Even small cups can fit on this stove with no issues 
Weight - not bad at all for what this stove is.
Ease of use - excellent 
Lack of igniter - I wish the stove had an igniter for each burner but it doesn’t - make sure to have a lighter or matches with you if you are taking this stove out.
Adjuster works very well.
Built in windscreen for light winds and breezes 
Very stable 
Good carry case 
Adapters can be used as the stove can run on virtually anything other than white gas. 
Stove has a preheating tube to assist with using this stove in cold conditions.

Experiences - so far my experiences with this stove have been excellent.  It runs very well, handles light winds with ease, offers plenty of power for most cooking tasks…or at least, those that I have done so far.  

It’s not the most powerful stove out there but it only costs $60.  Most double stoves cost a lot of money, not this and that’s impressive.

Almost as impressive as the way that the stove folds and unfolds.  

This is a prime example of fresh thinking in the outdoor space and I love it so far.  Smart design, good performance….no major complaints….So far.

My testing continues and my review will be coming in a few months - with that being said, I would say this is a major go - I really like it.
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