Tuesday, September 12, 2023

This Tarp Failed Me When I Needed It Most - OneTigris Bastion Flat Tarp ...

Testing out this Tarp has been a Disaster....

In this episode learn how the Bastion Tarp from OneTigris let Luke down in a big way and why it isn't worth your hard-earned money.

TOGR bought and tested out this product so you didn't have to!

This Luke's Agenda Free Review of the OneTigris Bastion Flat Tarp.

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OneTigris Bastion Tarp

Review Pros :

Size of the tarp stored and set-up is great.  This is plenty big and offers a lot of protection.
Excellent materials 
Very lightweight
Plenty of tie off points around the body as well as the top
Excellent color - love the green 
Has offered excellent wind protection with no issues with winds up to 25mph - I believe it could handle more but haven’t had the opportunity to test in such.

One aspect to this tarp that I was worried about was stretching and that’s because it is made from a Silnylon which is notorious for this to happen when it gets wet.  The thing is, not all silynylon variants stretch to the same degree - Whereas the Fjallraven tarp that I recently reviewed was HORRIBLE in this regards, the OT tarp wasn’t bad at all.  It would stretch some but it was relatively minor. By the way, Fjrallven is going back to the drawing board with their tarp and it’s all because of TOGR.  

I spoke of this in detail on Paterson and with my supporters here on YT but in a Nutshell, having a tarp that stretches as bad as the Fjallraven tarp doesn’t make sense - it didn’t to me and it doesn’t to the company and their are committed to providing a better product.  More on this coming soon.

Large easy to utilize tie-off points.  The OT Bulwark tarp features very small tie off points whereas this tarp doesn’t.  The Bulwark was waterproof though….

Storage bag big enough for the tarp to easily go back into,

Review Cons :
Importantly this tarp has been a complete letdown in the waterproof department.  I’ve had so many issues that I suspect that there is some sort of manufacturing issue with this product and I would recommend staying clear from purchasing it.

At the top of the tarp are three tie off points on the other side of those points the tarp features seam tape - unfortunately there are issues with the tape and the tarp leaks from each of these points profusely.  

If it leaked from one I would say that it’s a one-off sort of thing but because every single one of them leak this insinuates the possibility of a wider spread issue.

Based on my experiences with this tarp, the price I paid on Amazon makes sense but the $100 price on the OneTigris web site is crazy expensive…that’s if the tarp didn’t leak.  But it does and for certainly now that we know this product has problems, it isn’t worth the Amazon price either. 

For the same full retail price, you can get a 10 x 10 tarp from AquaQuest - a tarp that’s double treated with silicone and PU, it will feature a 5,000MM waterproof rating.

The included guylines aren’t very good.
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