Friday, February 26, 2021

🆘 Survival with only a Vehicle Emergency Kit in a Winter Storm

After a hike on a remote trail, Luke the Lone Wolf returns to his truck to find that he is stranded with only his Vehicle Emergency Kit.

To compound the problems, a Winter Storm is closing in and temperatures are dropping....
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  1. No offense Luke, but I attempted watching your videos a year or so ago, & to be honest I didn't get into them then, But I've started watching them again & I believe you have stepped them up a notch. Adding Susan is a plus because the wife and I actually binge watch y'all in the evenings and she likes the ones with your wife in them.Keeping making them & we'll keep watching them.

  2. Have you ever camped in the Pisgah National Forest around the North Mills River area? We use to hike & camp off the Yellow Gap trail. Yellow Gap Road has spots for car camping. Just wondering. David Hill