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⚠️ Unacceptable Performance ⚠️ Fjallraven Trekking Gaiters - Real Review

These are the Fjallraven Trekking Gaiters which were designed to prevent snow and moisture from coming into contact with your legs, clothing and the insides of your shoes/boots.....

They are a complete failure but for a reason which you may not expect.

This is Luke's Agenda Free Review and it begins now!


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Fjallraven Trekking Gaiters - Real Review

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Price : Around $70

Weight : 10.5oz combined

Materials : Out Shell Material - 100% polyester Membrane: 100% polyurethane

Sizes : XXS to XXL is listed on the Fjallraven Web Site but on the gaiters it says One Size. When I purchased these from Campsavor last year, I don’t remember being given the option to select the size.

Colors : Stone Grey and Forest Green

PRODUCT FEATURES : Gaiters in heavy-duty, waterproof polyester. Zip at the front concealed under front flap with velcro. Elastic draw cord in the upper part. Elastic around the ankle and at the bottom. Hook to fasten the gaiters to the boots.

Gaiters that prevent snow and moisture from forcing their way under and up the trouser leg. Made from very durable PU-treated polyester fabric. Zipper protected by flap with velcro closures. Elastic adjustments up to and covering the ankle. Buckled strap that wraps under the foot and the front, top section has a hook that can be attached to the shoelaces.

Forward : While the list of pros for these gaiters are longer than the cons, the negatives by fair outweighs the good. Because of that, lets focus on what makes these gaiters so poor for outdoor use.

Pros : Excellent build quality Excellent colors and styling Impressively waterproof Keeps snow out Smooth zipper Good features Very tough and robust materials Easy to put on and to take off.

Cons : Deal breakingly poor breathability. Going out for a simple hike will leave your legs wet and your pants very moist. The performance is so poor that it could leave you in a fairly dangerous situation.

No strap keeper on the sides

Summary :

Fjallraven is a company that very rarely disappoints but this product is the exception.

There are two aspects which make for a good pair of gaiters; They have to be waterproof and they have to be breathable and if either of this aspects are present you are going to have a problem.

Unfortunately for Fjallraven and for us, these Gaiters have the waterproof aspect down but they are so far away from being breathable that they are completely unusable. In fact, they are in my opinion dangerous in certain situations.

If you go out for a hike and when you take these gaiters off and your pants are wet you are putting yourself into a potentially dangerous situation.

As far as breathability goes, these are by far the worst performing gaiters that I have ever used. They are simply TERRIBLE and will leave you comprised in certain situations. For an example, go out for a cold winter trip and when you take them off, your pants are wet from moisture build up and the gaiters themselves will be covered in moisture as well. You then have two problems, your clothing is wet and so are the gaiters;

Do you change clothes, do you try to dry your pants? You will also have to focus on the gaiters to prevent them from icing otherwise the next day when you put them on, the ice will melt and your pants will get wet.

My advice would be look elsewhere if you have a need for gaiters; Outdoor Research, Outdoor Designs, Black Diamond and other companies offer products which will perform much, much better than these.

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