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Truck Camping, Overland and Camping Table - Decathlon Folding Table - Re...

Luke is here today to review a table that has become a vital piece of his truck camping and overlanding system. It's from Decathlon, runs $60 and includes four stools and when it isn't needed, it folds up and can be put away easily.

This is Luke's Agenda Free Review and it begins now!


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Decathlon Camping Folding Table - Real Review

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Price : $60

Weight : 19lbs

Materials : Composition Structure 20% Steel 80% Aluminum Topsheet 100% Wood Main fabric 50% Polyethylene low density 50% Polyester cationic Features :

Camping Folding Table - 4 Stools - 4 to 6 People is designed for Our motivation? To offer you a complete and compact solution for 4 people. The 4 stools are integrated into the table to take up less space. Can accommodate up to 6 people.

User comfort Height: 27.6" | Total surface: 47.2" x 23.6" | Up to 6 people Compact design Compact when folded | Volume: 38 L | Dimensions: 23.6" x 23.6" x 4.1" Easy to transport 2 carry handles | Space under the table top for seats | Weight: 19.2 lbs Easy to open/close Very simple to unfold | 2 hooks to keep the table open Durability Laminated table top with aluminum frame and reinforcements | Steel legs

My Use :

I picked this up to use primarily out of my truck and I love it! It’s plenty big to be functional and yet, it isn’t so big that it takes all of the space in the bed. I plenty of space for a Cot, the table and there is enough room left over for my buddy heater and so on.

Review Pros :

Amazing price

Good quality (not the best but for the price, absolutely acceptable

Good height - not too high or too low

Includes 4 stools that are comfortable enough

Functional and stable enough

- Can be used for just about any purpose with the exception as a work table; if you need something that is rock solid and won’t move and shake, this isn’t it. Great for camp supplies, plates, cooking and so on; not something that would be able to support power tools or any serious weight.

Storage underneath

Good fold up size

Easy to transport

Easy to deploy and to break down

Not overly heavy or cumbersome

Provides as excellent surface for whatever you want to do.

Table height is adjustable

Review Cons :
Is this really a 6 person table? Well it depends how everyone is using it of course but 4 people can comfortably use it, 6 is a push.

Quality is good as I mentioned before but this isn’t going to blow you away with just how solid that it feels. It’s good enough but does have some flex which stored.

Stools can rattle inside of the case

Stools aren’t the most comfortable but for a short duration sit, I won’t complain. They are as comfortable as a stool of this size can be so there are no surprises here.

While this is completely subjective, I would love to see this being offered in other colors; while not the worst, it doesn’t match my tastes. Imagine an OD green frame with black top of vice versa; that would be sick! :D
Summary :

For my purposes this table is excellent and it is a very functional aspect of my overloading / truck camping system. The price is amazing and so is the functionality. The stools work well enough but I’ll be honest, I tend not to use them and will go with something a bit more comfortable.

For the money, I think that this is a brilliant system and I can easily recommend it as long as you use it within the parameters of how it was designed.

For your vehicle and traveling, it works.

For quick deployment and a picnic, it works

For a stable surface for cooking, eating, playing cards, it works.


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