Monday, March 29, 2021

The Awesome German Army Folding Sleeping Mat - Review Update

This is the German Army Folding Sleeping Mat and over the course of the winter I have been using this product with many of my snow trips; I use it for a wide range of purposes including as a secondary barrier to the cold ground; a second sleeping pad and more.

It has been 6 years since my initial review and in this episode I'll go over why this product continues to be so good.
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Foldable German Army Sleeping Mat

While my opinions for this piece of gear are virtually the same as my previous review, somethings have changed since I filmed my initial review; namely this product is harder to locate within the US and it is more expensive.

Before talking about those aspects, lets go over the pad and its stats.

Dimensions opened: 74.25 x 21.5 - roughly .25” When folded Square : 11.5 x 14.75 x 2”

Dimensions when folded depend on how you fold it.

- Weight : 14oz

This is a great pad for just about everything; other than sleeping. It’s very minimal when it comes to cushion so I like to use it as a secondary pad in the winter time.

What makes this pad so great is that you can use it to add support for your pack, use it to sit on, a s kneeling mat, a range mat, a work mat. I have even used this to line my hammock with and it works just fine for that.

Over all I am I impressed with the functionality and the versatility of this product; it’s light weight, and works well for a minimal mat for a wide range of purposes.

You can sleeping on, sit on it, kneel on it, use it for a shooting pad and so on.

Something to keep in mind is that it is very thin so if you are go out and buy one of these and think you are going to be purchasing an extremely comfortable pad, you are mistaken. The protection and comfort that it offers is minimal and that is the key word for this product.

You can use this for summer trips if you don’t need much in the way of cushion from the ground. If you lay this on thick grass and not on stick and rocks it will be much more comfortable.

As far as insulation goes, again it is minimal. It blocks the cold somewhat but it is thin and there is only so much that this material can do. As a secondary barrier that is how I use it when backpacking and camping and for that purpose it does great.

Points to mention, this pad is waterproof, not all that wide, not all that long, easy to clean, folds up in a variety of ways and is rather strong. I’ve used this matter on all sorts of surfaces and it works great and shows virtually no signs of use.

Again, this mat is thin, works best as a sitting pad, kneeling pad, and as a secondary sleeping pad. Great for minimalist minded individuals.

As with most things military, it is designed with survival in mind and not comfort. Before you buy, consider all of these factors and also size. Yes it folds up but it does have a noticeable footprint so to speak.

Cost and Availability:

Back when I initially reviewed this product, the going rate was around $20 and it could be found in the USA. Now the story is different, I have yet to find a single source in the USA and if you are interested in this product, it will have to be imported.

Not only will you have to pay import shipping charges but the price has gone up; now they run between $30 - $45. With it being likely that you will have to important this mat, make sure to pay attention to the shipping charges.

Some sellers will charge $12 while others will charge $25. Pay attention and shop smart.


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