Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100 Down Jacket – Agenda Free Review

Today Susie is reviewing the Decathlon Florclaz Trek 100 Down Jacket that she has been wearing over the course of the winter months and after extensive testing she is ready to pass on her thoughts.

For the money, this jacket is hard to beat!
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Decathlon Forclaz Trek 100, Compact Down Hiking Jacket :: 

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Sizes XS to 2XL 
Colors available are – Navy, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Brown color It is priced at $79.99
The jacket has a comfort rating between 23°F & 41°F. It has 800 down fill power. It has been treated so it’s water repellent, but not waterproof.

Compact design

Easily folds away in its left-hand pocket using a zipper with double pull. – fairly easy to do, typical with these jackets.

Weight : 9.7 oz in size S.

Main fabric · 100% Polyamide · 85% Grey duck down

Main lining · 100% Polyamide

Padding · 100% Polyester cationic

Padding - Inner fabric · 100% Polyester cationic

Has a hood, two pockets, YKK zippers, zipper pulls, wind block at the main zipper, one adjustable drawstring to pull tight around the bottom, hang loop at the tag as well as the hang loop when it’s packed down.

This jacket is meant to be worn as a 3rd layer and for all the testing that the company did, the model was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and fleece so keep that in mind for the comfort rating and warmth figures. Kudos to the company for being completely transparent with their testing and how they came up with the figures.

Now that we have talked about the specs, let’s get to the review of the jacket and the pros and cons.

I have used this jacket in a range of temps from 20 degrees up to about 50 degrees. I have used it while hiking, running errands, and I have taken it backpacking and camping. It performed well for me as a layering piece. I love a down jacket, but like to layer and have an outer shell for protection of the jacket so wearing this with multiple layers works out really well because this jacket is thin. Being thin allows this to be lightweight and to pack down very small so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your pack. This is what the company intended as well. I like it and find myself wearing it quite often. With that being said I will talk about the pros of the jacket.

The pros are

lots of color options

Size options


It packs into it’s own pocket so self contained stuff sack that won’t take up much space.

It’s affordable at $80

Offers 800 down fill

Good quality with zippers

From Decathlon, you will get free shipping and free returns

No big flashy logo to deal with.


Runs small so size up! I am wearing a size medium when I would normally wear a size small in most everything else.
For my final thoughts, this jacket performs very well and for the price of $80, it’s a good piece of gear. I have used other jackets that cost much more and didn’t perform as well. I have also used jackets that cost more and while they performed well, they were much more lofty and hard to layer with. So with everything you buy, you have to decide what works well for you and what purpose it will serve. This might not be the perfect jacket for someone who wants it to run errands and use as their winter jacket, but it might be the perfect backpacking jacket when layers are essential. When used properly as a layering piece this jacket will work well. You won’t’ be comfortable going out in 20 degree weather with only this jacket, but if you have other layers, it will work.
Let me know your thoughts about this $80 jacket from Decathlon and if you have other questions that I didn’t answer, send me an email.

Until the next review, stay warm!
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