Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Catoma Improved Bednet System - The Outdoor Gear Review

The Improved BedNet System (IBNS) was designed to fit securely onto a military cot with push-andlock straps on all four corners. The IBNS can also be used in the field thanks to its strong, waterproof tub floor. Its instant deployment, waterproof floor, and four corner buckles make the IBNS an efficient, fast-access shelter to protect soldiers from insects while asleep or resting on a cot OR in the field. In addition, the IBNS is designed to be upgradable to our EBNS using a single pole and fly. This givesyou protection from the elements in addition to the IBNS’s unsurpassed protection from insects. The IBNS is constructed of 70 Denier 1.9 ounce ripstop nylon and fine mesh. It is EPA registered and has Permethrin bonded to the material for insect repellency. It is supported by a strong and ultra-light .134 diameter pultruded fiberglass rod which winds around the shelter, expanding it to its given shape. When the rolled up IBNS’s cinch strap is removed, the shelter is released and snaps into shape automatically; no assembly or set-up is required. A carry bag is included. The coiled, stored size of the shelter is 13” x 13” x 3”. CPAI-84 Fire Retardant rated. The Improved Bednet System can be upgraded to the Enhanced Bednet System with the Catoma Bednet Upgrade Kit.

Item # 64581F - Coyote Brown 64583F - Woodland Camo 64581 - Coyote Berry Compliant 64583 - Woodland Berry Compliant

NSN# 3740-01-543-5652 (Coyote Brown) Licensed Under Patent 6,672,323 Goes up in Seconds Flame Retardent (CPAI-84) Floor material: 70 Denier 1.9 oz. Ripstop Nylon Tub Floor with has 1200mm Waterproofing Embedded Permethrin Insect Protection

Sleeps 1.
Weight 30oz
Pack Dimensions 13" x 13" x 3"
Material 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon