Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road Trip - Surplus Run - The Outdoor Gear Review

Why not join my wife (The Boss) and I on a road trip to acquire some Military Surplus for a giveway that's coming up soon?  We laugh, joke and have a great time.
Thank you all for watching and your support.


  1. Luke: Enjoy your videos. Have just subscribed to your youtube channel. Have been to the surplus store you were at several times. I live just down the road in Hickory. I used to run Adventures Unlimited which use to be in Granite Falls. I am into the outdoors, camping, hiking, canoeing(my favorite) Maybe we could get together for a hike.

    1. Hey there Alan,
      How are you doing pal? Very nice to meet you.
      I would love to get together some time and do some adventuring.

      Thanks for writing in my friend.

  2. Hi Luke, I'm a new subscriber to your youtube channel. You and your wife are so cute. You are a blessed man. I could never talk my wife into going to the surplus shop with me. I can't even get her out on the trails. Anyways, thanks for the vids, enjoy watching them.


  3. Hi Luke, Im a new subscriber from Sydney Australia and getting heaps of my mates to subscribe mate. As i said on one of your vids you are easily one of the best presenters on you tube and i watch a lot. How great it is to see that your wife is cool as well, you have done well there, keep up the good work mate and i think you should go Oprah style and do an aussie adventure tour, maybe start a crowd fund i would chuck in $500 to get you guys here