Friday, September 27, 2013

Creeper Walk 2013 Begins Today (Sept. 27th)

Well folks today has begun much earlier than expected and my plans have changed for many things that I had in the works. Due to a scheduling issue that arose late last night (only an hour of sleep) I will be doing the 'Creeper Walk' this morning instead of next Tuesday. Basically that means that today I'm up at 2:30am, I'll be walking out the door at 4am and I will be hitting the Virginia Creeper Trail at 5-5:30am. Then comes 34 MILES of some incredible country and beautiful sights.

- Creeper Walk 2013 (a "little" yearly hiking event that I created)
- 34 Miles
- Damascus to Abingdon and back.
- From Sunrise to Sunset
- 12 hours

It's time to earn my Soreness Badge. We start in one hour.......


The photo above is from Abingdon VA and this is the half way point for the Creeper Walk 2013.  

I will be updating the site from time to time today so make sure to check it out often.  I'll be posting photos of the trip and updating on how I'm doing throughout the adventure.

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