Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Moisture / Condensation Build Up : Questions and Answers


Yo Luke how do you handle moisture build up in a bivy? Condensation seems to be a big issue maybe you can address this issue. Even in a tent during winter. How do you avoid frost an moisture build up while inside asleep

My Response (Answer):

In the winter moisture is always an issue but there are things you can do to limit it. With a bivy it's all about keeping your breath out of the bag if at all possible. A synthetic fill sleeping bag will be key if you can't because you will stay warm even with the moisture build up. But, with the sleeping bag make sure it isn't too warm for the conditions you are in. If you sweat some condensation will form on the walls. Can't really avoid that. Also make sure that your clothes are absolutely dry before you get in the bag. Dry socks are important to. Make sure you have a barrier separating you from the ground. More than just the material of the bivy. 

Vent at the top of the bivy as well as the bottom if at all possible. 

Some build is likely no matter what.

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