Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pant Material and Shoes : Questions Asked, Answers Given

The other day I had an individual write in and this is what he had to say;

"Hi Luke. I really enjoy your youtube vids. I would like to ask your opinion on hiking pants. I am just getting into hiking, so I don't plan on spending a bundle on most of the gear (just yet), but I certainly want the right boots/pants. The boots I can handle, but I am clueless on what kind of pants will not chafe me raw. Any insight would be appreciated."


My answer to him is this;

"Hey there XXXXX,
How are you brother?  Thanks for the kind words.

As for hiking pants, well there are a lot of different types and lots of different fabrics.  It goes without saying that Cotton is a bad choice.  "Cotton Kills" & "Cotton: Fabric of Death."  Plus, hike ten miles in jeans and you'll never walk the same....ever again!!!

For the average pant I would say go with something nylon.  Lightweight, fast drying and fairly cheap.  You may come across a nylon blend and that is fine too.  Normally it's a blend with spandex.  Can't go wrong there.  That will cover you during the 3 seasons.

When it comes to the 4th season, nylon is still a good choice but layering becomes important.  You can look for a softshell pant or even a heavy material such as the G1000 from Fjallraven.  In other words, you need the right tool for the job.

When it comes to boots, there are a lot of options.  Some lighter than others, some with waterproof liners, some more breathable.  I typically say that there isn't a one pair fits all solution when it comes to shoes and boots.  On dry days I want something lightweight and breathable.  If it's going to be a wet one, I want something with a gore-tex (etc) liner.  If it's going to be really cold, I want something insulated.  If it's cold and wet, insulated and waterproof.  See what I mean?

I hope this helps my friend.

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