Monday, December 2, 2013

Updated Review of the Optimus Crux Stove with Terra Cook Set.

An Updated Review of the Optimus Crux Stove withTerra Cook Set.


Optimus Crux Stove With Terra Cook Set $79.95 Amazon -UPDATED

Set includes: Crux stove, pot, lid that doubles as a fry pan, mesh storage bag, and neoprene sleeve for on-trail storage.

 Perfect cook system when ultralight and small size are critical Total kit weight = 238g / 8.1oz Smallest cook system available UItra Light -

Total kit weight = 238 g / 8.1 oz [stove] 2.54 oz; [cookset] 5.6 oz Ultra Compact - Smallest Cook System available

Ultra Versatile - Each piece can be used independently 10,200 BTU Crux Lite Burn time: Up to 60 minutes at high maximum output, using 8 oz canister Crux Premium blend of 70% butane, 30% propane. 4oz canisters run around $8. 8oz around $11.

Boil time (1 L / 34 fl. oz of water):
Down to 3 minutes depending on climate, altitude, etc Used countless times for all types of trips. Multi-day hiking trips in high elevations. All day hiking trips and even cycling trips. Used in single digit temps. Posts are aluminum. Easy to clean. They are not nonstick. Review: This is a great addition to your pack and with it's light weight and small form factor you won't even notice that it's there. Highly dependable. Good price. I prefer this over alcohol stoves that I have used for years.


  1. We got just the Crux stove a little while ago and have tested it a few times but we find that we have to adjust the flame all the time. We keep turning it up and it keeps loosing flame. Is that really normal or did we get a faulty one? Have you experienced this problem? I know the pressure in the canister changes with the surrounding temperature but we're in the middle of Summer...
    So do you think it's the Crux or is it just us?

    1. Hey guys, I haven't had this issue happen to my stove and
      I say if you light it, crank it up and it's adjusting on it's own, it sounds like a faulty unit.
      I hope that helps.
      - Luke

    2. You're absolutely right! Optimus had never heard of the problem before and sent us a replacement Crux. It works like a charm! So now we're off to Fjällräven country for a week of hiking and camping. With a bit of luck we'll catch the first snow :-)