Thursday, January 9, 2014

Questions and Answers : Appropriate to Take Your Kids Camping

Question : "Luke.What age is appropriate to bring your son for his first camp out.My son is five and I am mad to bring him out but don't know how he will react to sleeping out.Any advice?"

Answer : "Hey there Robert, How goes it?

As for camping with the kids it can be done at almost any age really but the younger they are the more you really have to pay attention and watch over them.  Ultimately we owe it to all children to get them outside and into the 'wild'.  It's our duty as parents!   The lessons that they will learn from being with us will stay with them forever.  Rocks, sticks, water, scratches, bugs, snakes, weather, etc.  It's real life.

I would also remind you that with children everything is an extreme.  If they get cold, they're FREEZING!  If they get hungry, they're STARVING!  In other words all of their emotions and needs are more dramatic so you will need to be prepared to give them what they need so they can enjoy the experience.  Remember that they will need activities to keep them busy as well.  Boredom is a camping trip killer.

One last thought, if you're going to be far from help (911) make sure that you have some real medical training.  Things happen and that's the real world.  You can reduce risk but you can't eliminate it so you've got to be prepared as much as possible.  That of course goes for any situation.

Hope that helps.

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