Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

This is the The Bushcraft Overnight Adventure.  Thank you for watching.  :)



  1. Luke, great video. I am still praying for your mother in law, may God bless her and you and yours.

  2. Awsome video. Send my prayers to your Mother in law

  3. Excellent work for an improvised shelter, YOU are the real Bear Grylls! :) Seriously, you inspire me...I have to make more outdoor trips. Nothing compares with Nature!

  4. Super video, my friend! There for a second or two I thought I was watching an episode of ''Survivorman'. lol

  5. Luke,
    Great video! Congrats! I enjoy your channel very much. Like you, I'm quite a lone-wolf hiker...except that my faithful GSD is always with me. In this last video I noticed you didn't dismantled the otherwise awesome shelter (I guess you did but choose not to show the images while editing). As an avid hiker, like you, I'm quite committed to the “leave no trace” ethics ('s great to find wild places and leave them as we found them. As your channel increases in popularity, thanks to your great job, I would like to suggest you to invest a few minutes in mentioning and reinforcing the basic principles of such important ethics.
    Thanks, keep in the good work and all the best for your mother in law!

    1. Hey there Pac,
      hope you are well brother.

      As for the lone-wolf hiking style, that truly is my favorite way to go out and explore.

      In regards to the shelter I left it up but that's because it's on my land. I completely agree with you in regards to leave no trace though.

      Thank you for your thoughts about my mother in law. Means a lot brother.