Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Austrian White Poncho - Military Surplus Preview


We're taking a look at the Austrian Snow/White Poncho.

Link :


Most military surplus sites sale one of these for $14.

Heereseigentum - "Means Military Owned

Light Weight Water Resistant Material
Designed To Be Worn Over Gear
Super Sized - One Size Fits All
European Military Quality
They are used

White camo poncho is better than most. Repels water and moisture, and is extra long in back, especially if you are carrying a back pack etc...

Effective winter camouflage

White nylon fabric
Elastic around hood locks out wind
Drawstring neck
Snaps at cuffs
Hemmed edges
Back can hang long to cover a backpack (shorten when not toting a pack).
60"w. x 36"l. One size fits most.



  1. Been to that web site good to see a review on some of the stuff they have. From what I have seen you could get a good start on outdoor clothing for a 100 bucks or less.

  2. Very true Benny.
    Lots of good gear at good prices.
    - Luke