Friday, March 14, 2014

Gen 1 and Gen 2 USMC ILBE Rucksack - Preview

Today we're looking at the ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) Pack, Gen 1 and Gen 2 as well as introducing the L.E.A.F. Division of Arc'teryx.

Designed by Arcteryx's leaf devision.  Law Enforcement and Armed Forces but made by Propper.
Marpat Woodland Camo Pattern.
Cordura 725 denier fabric

The ILBE Pack is designed to carry a load of up to 120lbs

The ILBE system is comprised of 3 main components:

USMC ILBE is just a variation on the Bora line of backpacks from Arc'teryx

You can get the GEN 2 full pack, with Assault pack and Hydration Carrier for $100 on Ebay.  The pack alone can be found for around $50.

Side Note: If you're looking to buy one of these make sure that you are getting at least a complete pack.  Some listings will offer just the rucksack and will be missing the lid, some the belt.  Pay attention to the details.

—Gen 1 has Black Padding.
-Gen 2 has tan padding.

Gen 1 packs are becoming harder to find so it may take some searching.

Gen 1 accessories and Gen 2 are not compatible. Gen 1 packs had the black National Molding Company buckles, while the Gen 2 packs have coyote ITW Nexus buckles

MOLLE webbing

Virtually the same pack with VERY minor differences.  Most will not be able to tell the packs apart.

You can purchase a Sealline Dry Bag to fully protect your gear.  Can be found in varying sizes and will be just about as expensive as the pack itself.

Super High Quality packs.  Awesome price.  Heavy as hell but bombproof.


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  1. Hello Luke, Thanks again for your great video, always full of info, I didn't know anyway, great stuff. I loved the puppy, she wants to be a star, huh? and thank the good Lord, you didn't let me down and had , Poor Little Mama's pillows again (LOL)
    Stay cool and safe and may God bless you and your family. Have great week!

  2. Are the shoulder straps and waist belt compatible with the gen 1 and gen 2 sacks?

    Thank you

  3. Are the shoulder straps and waist belt compatible with the gen 1 and gen 2 sacks?

    Thank you