Sunday, September 21, 2014

NanoTips - Preview and Testing

Today we are previewing and testing out NanoTips.
Will it be a hit or will it be a miss?
Watch and See....


Shake, Apply, and Dry.
MUST soak through the fabric of the gloves.

- Up to 15 treatments per bottle
- Waterproof
- Reapplication - 2-4 weeks
BLUE for fabric and fleece: 90% transparency, 10% bluish tint

- Up to 30 treatments per bottle
- Waterproof
- Reapplication - 2-4 weeks
BLACK for leather, rubber, gore-tex, etc

In this video I use two paris of gloves.  Thick wool gloves from Mammut and faux leather gloves ...very used... from Marmot. These are my favorite gloves and I continue to use them to this day.

The product claims to work with any gloves...

The solution uses conductive nanoparticles to mimic the electrical conductivity of human skin, just like a normal touchscreen glove. The creator claims the solution will work on any material, from pricey leather to canvas gloves, for construction, golfing, cycling, skiing and snowboarding.


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  1. Luke,

    Have you tried turning the gloves inside out and reapplying the Nanotips to the same area but from the other side?