Monday, September 22, 2014

VANQUEST HUSKY EDC Maximizer Organizer - Preview

Today we are taking a look at the VANQUEST HUSKY EDC Maximizer Organizer.
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Offered in three colors : Black, Coyote, and Gray.

Weight : We will throw this on the scale once we unload the pack to make sure.

I have been using this Organizer for a while now for many different purposes including ddc and backpacking and I have some footage of both.  The first is with a backpacking trip that I did recently.

The next is with a family vacation that I recently took and used this as an EDC pouch.

In the future I would like to see a backpacker version of this pouch.  For Vanquest this could be a big seller.  A similar pouch but one that is light weight.  Backpackers are always looking to save weight and to find ways to organize their gear.

I really like this for these reasons;

Reversed zipper
Use with MOHL Adapters/MOLLE Sticks for PALS/MOLLE Webbing

VANQUEST offers a number of different variations of the Organizer so if you are interested in this one, there is a link in the description box below for you.

You may be thinking that this looks similar to a product turned out by
Maxpedition and you would be right and there is a reason for this.  Two of the the fine folks at VANQUEST were part of the original founding team of Maxpedition since 2003.

While the organizers look similar there are some real world difference between the two and it boils down to strength.  The Husky Organizer uses 1000d Cordura where the Maxpedition uses a much weaker nylon fabric.

Cordua is also made in the USA and the nylon from Maxpditions is not.

Ultimately there are a lot of differences between the two that I encourage you to take a look at.  We could go on for ours about this but in the end it boils down to this;

A strong, more durable and reliable product.

It’s not to say that Maxpedition is bad, that’s not the case at all but there are differences between quality levels.

#8 YKK zippers (non-lockale) with circular paracord pulls for security and easy opening. 1,000-D CORDURA® with TEFLON

8" (H) x 6" (W) x 2" (D)

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  1. Oh come on; it's a handbag. Put a longer strap on it; then it's a shoulder bag. You guys are catching up with women!
    But it is a nice useful piece of kit - can I have a pink one?