Monday, September 15, 2014 3P Outdoor Tactical Backpack - Preview

Today we are taking a look at the 3P Tactical Backpack.


Three colors Coyote Brown

Material Oxford Cloth
Capacity 20L
Weight 33.16 oz / 940 g
Dimensions (9.45 x 8.66 x 16.53)" / (24 x 22 x 42)cm (L X W X H)
Waterproof: Unlikely

As many of you know, I like gear, there is no doubt about that and I especially like getting a good deal.

In the past I have had very good luck with getting what I would call ‘Similar Style’ tactical packs at a very inexpensive price.  So when Tmart asked if I would like to take a look at one of the packs that they offer, I agreed.

My impressions:

Sadly they are not very good especially when you consider that it has a lot going for it feature wise.

My first impressions when pulling the pack out of the box was, "hey this looks nice” but my opinion quickly changed.

I filled the pack with gear as I was going out to test some products and that is when the problems presented themselves.

Waist belts aren’t sewn so they will release and will not hold tension.
Not very long for bigger individuals.
Sternum strap is way to small, even for me and it will not expand.

zipper doesn’t inspire confidence.
The listing claims that the pack is waterproof and there is no way that it is especially with the zippers that were used.  Water resistant possibly but not waterproof.

harness also isn’t sewn on and with a heavy load, will release from the pack.


In my opinion you would be better off spending some extra money to go with the
Condor Compact Assault Pack for $40.

the red Rock Rebal ASSAULT PACK for $40

Or even with the Maxpedition Falcon-II for $130.

The quality just isn’t here for the price and I would trust this pack to carry my gear.

Now I should say this, this product in my book is a complete failure but not all hope is lost with Tmart products.  I am currently test out a CREE/XM-T6950 Lumen flashlight that has really blown me away.
A preview of that flash light will be coming up soon.

YAKEDA 35L Preview :



  1. That would be disappointing to purchase a pack and have those type of issues with it, I am glad you shared this video you may have saved some one some money.

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