Saturday, September 20, 2014

Part 5 - T.O.G.R. - Question Submission

This is Part 5 of the Question and Answer Series.
Drop your questions and comments down below and they will be addressed in a future episode.


  1. Are you going to do more videos on your ultralight setup? I know you have a couple on your summer setup and we're getting into the fall so maybe 3 season setup? With some budget friendly options? Thanks for your time

  2. Luke, I want to know what you do for relaxing besides hiking and camping! Now, that in it self is enough, but just wondering? Gamer, football, Golf, fishing, you know?

  3. Luke, can you review or at least preview some, or 1 waterproof phone (the ones that are durable, have gps, can take a hit). Just want to know your opinion if you've researched something about them, which brands to look for, what features are useful on them. I kinda don't want to carry a separate gps unit + a phone, and was wondering if it is efficient to use a device that combines all of it. The main issue I guess, would be the not so long lasting battery. Overall, what are your thoughts on this?


    If you follow the embedded links within this article, you might find this interesting enough to consider a field test on, if they are willing to let you have one! I figure I have seen enough trees in some of those National Forests you travel in to find a suitable spot; might also be good enough to share with a guest traveller. Once again thanks for you all your efforts. Strength to your family, my American cousin. :-)

  5. I like the idea of ultra light hiking and camping but I find that it is difficult replace my very comfortable backpack with a lighter one. I have tried a few different ways to go but a true soft pack does not seem to distribute the weight as efficiently. I know that they aren't all frameless but do they really perform as well for a load out of say 10 to 15 kg? Could you do a comparison between a more traditional backpack and a ultra light pack (max 1 kg)?

  6. What do we have to do to get hold of a Lone Wolf Patch?
    Do you sell them?
    How much are they?

  7. Actually I have a request as well! I Just can't get my head around your measurements: oz, lbs, ft etc. But I do like the information and find myself constantly trying to convert your data to the metric system. Would you consider putting a translation on the screen for us Europeans when you do your videos in the future? I know you have done sometimes. It would be very much appreciated! :-)

  8. Hi Luke! I've been enjoying your videos for a couple of weeks now! Your website is very educational and easy to follow, keep it up! I noticed that sometimes (if not most of the time) you tend to find affordable hiking/camping solutions for people with a tight budget. I try to do the same. I'm not a professional hiker but I do have an authentic love/passion for the outdoors. I've been looking for affordable gear for quite a while and finally stumbled upon this: This store offers a lot of good clothing accessories at affordable prices. I found the Ultra Light Down Jacket for $69, Long Sleeve Fleece Shirts (with Heattech) for $22! I've read a lot online about the fill power of Down Jackets and a dependable jacket should be anywhere from 600 to 800 fill power. These UL Down Jackets are 640! They are feather weight and look durable. I've had mine for a week now but I've been seeing them around for the past year and people just seem to keep on buying them. I decided to give it a try but it would be very nice if you could get your hands on one of these and do a field test and review it. If it passes the test then this could be a low budget solution for all those people out there that haven't gone hiking because they don't have the means to buy good equipment. These are the links to exact items I bought:|/men/tops/fleece/jackets/||/men/outerwear/ultra-light-down/jackets/|

    I have a 30 mile hike through a section of the Appalachian Trail in NY this next friday and I'll be putting this Jacket to the test. I know it's not going to be cold enough to be using a Down Jacket around but at least I'll get to test the strength of the shell itself. Sorry for the long message but I hope this helps other people with a tight budget like me and who better than you to spread the word around. By no means I'm related to this store or get any commissions for sales or anything. I'm just a regular guy like all of you trying to get out there without breaking the bank. If you get to read this long post, thanks in advance. I'll keep answering the calling of nature! Cheers!
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