Friday, October 31, 2014

Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag - Review

Today we are taking a look at the Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag.
Enjoy the Review.

As seen in the Blood Moon Night Hike Adventure :

Price : $105

To Purchase :

This is what Hill People Gear call their Kit Bags but I often refer to it as a chest rig.

Some may see a slight similarity to the Ribz pack which I have shown off in the past but this is a completely different piece of kit.  Instead of having two pouches on your sides, you have one main pouch in the middle of your chest.

There are multiple version of the Hill People Gear Kit Bag.
There is a Heavy Recon Kit Bag which is bigger.  There is runners kit bag which is thinner  So on and so forth.

If you decide that you would like to pick up one of these kits, make you you get the right one for you.

Weight: 1.00 lb
Length: 2.00 in
Width: 11.50 in
Height: 7.50 in

When it comes to use, this is how my testing has unfolded so far.
This has been my hiking pack for the last couple of weeks.
Right around 40 miles worth of trail time.
Temps ranging from 60 to 35.

Dry to light rain.

Very comfortable to wear and semi easy to adjust while wearing it.  Front straps are very easy to adjust but the side straps are difficult to do unless you take it off.

When the temps were in the 60s and I was exerting my self, I could feel heat building up underneath the pouch.  At temps around 30 - 50 I didn’t notice this at all.

Naturally if you have something against your body, there will be heat and possible sweat.  Speaking of sweat, no issues with the straps or the back.  Some sweat build up with the pouch on warmer days and with a good pace.

As far as looks go, I love it and I’ve had a good bit of conversations about it while out hiking.  The size of this pack is what I call perfect.  You can carry a knife, a couple of flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit, your phone, a firearm if you carry and conceal and even a poncho.

coyote brown
foliage grey
ranger green

velcro compatible: yes

But I would have liked to see more Velcro.  At least 3 - 4 inches.

Loops on the back of the second pocket would be beneficial

The original Kit Bag includes the following features:

500d nylon construction

quick access concealed pistol compartment

mesh backed H-harness allows you to wear the Kit Bag by itself or underneath of a pack

elastic keepers for the H-harness straps

Velcro loop and dummy cord loop in pistol compartment allow for

various retention options

tabs with grimlocs at the top for hanging on another pack, or for use with Lifter Straps (included) for docking to a host pack
tabs on the bottom for attaching to another pack, or for use with the Stabilizer Kit (optional) for running with

Front zippered access flat pocket with two interior slot pockets with

large 1" deep main compartment with dual interior slot pockets with

YKK zippers

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  1. Thankyou for your comparison to the Ribz front pack. How well does each system interface with your carry back pack. How many trips have you used it in conjunction with your regular carry back pack? Do the straps interfere more or less with your backpack straps more than the Ribz system?