Thursday, October 9, 2014

ThruNite Ti3 Flashlight - Giveaway

It's Flashlight Thursday and we are giving away a ThruNite Ti3.
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Simple as that!
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"This is the little light that can” and at first I laughted when I saw it

Available in Cool White or Neutral White

Ti3, another little key chain flashlight from ThruNite.

Small but bright (120 lumen), Simple but functional: four output modes, firefly, low, high and hidden strobe.

 I have begun testing this light out and I have some footage from when I was out doing some night hiking.

Key Features

⦁ LED: Cree XP-G2 R5 LED with a lifespan of

  20+years of run time.

⦁ Battery: 1 AAA battery

⦁ Dimension: 70mm(length)*14mm(head diameter)

⦁ Weight: .42oz without battery.  .9oz

⦁ Reflector: OP Reflector

⦁ Aircraft quality aluminum body structure.

⦁ Premium Type III hard anodized (Ann O - dized) anti-abrasive finish.

⦁ Waterproof to IPX-8 standard.   Protected against water submersion - The equipment is suitable for continual submersion in water under conditions which are identified by the manufacturer.  IPX-8 means suitable for continuous immersion in depths over 1 metro.  I do not know for how long though and that can vary from manufacturer.

⦁ Convenient twist switch.

⦁ Output and run time:

  Firefly: 0.04 Lm(115h), Low: 12 Lm(6.3h), High: 120Lm(0.5h), Strobe:120Lm(1 hour)

⦁ One handed operation.

Turn on /off

Easily twist the head to turn on / off  the light. Tighten the head for on and loosen for off.

Change modes

When the light is on, turn off the light and then turn on in 2 seconds to change output mode.

Memory function

Keep the light off between 2 to 10 seconds and then turn on, the output mode will keep the same as your last use.
Over 10 seconds and then turn on, the output will get back to firefly.

Hidden strobe

Cycle the “Change modes” for 6 times to activate hidden strobe mode(120Lm,13Hz).
-Very very well made
-Light weight
-The firefly mode is really very low while the high mode is exceptionally bright for such a small light.
-Very nice texture on the body with very grippy knurlings.
-Pocketclip is removable - Holds well.
Threads are very smooth, the head screws in firmly and there is no shakiness or looseness when the head is not fully tightened on the threads.
Great EDC flashlight

Tip : Buy some rechargeable batteries and save yourself some money.

Key chain attachment does not seem to be very sturdy.  I would much rather see a ring instead.


  1. I work in corrections and law enforcement and have been in the market for an affordable, small flashlight to keep in my pocket. That being said I really like the TN12. The "on" button is in the right position, the strobe feature is super cool for tactical applications, and the clip is handy for keeping it in place inside your pocket. Working night shift a reliable light is a must! Non-optional!

    Really enjoy all your videos!

  2. After see all the option that thrunite offer, the flashlight I like it the most is the Neutron 2A, in my opinion is a perfect flashlight for a Lightweight backpacker/hiker. This light is more than enough to take a look to the map, watch the trail and set up the campsite, also the versatility of be able to use one or two batteries at a time give this flashlight an advantage point! Also very important to me is the weight (only about 3 oz). I think is a great light!

  3. After checking these lights out very extensivly...I would actually pick the Ti3. I am all about small flashlights. I hunt and Fish a great deal a lot of the time it is at night. The "high" beam function on this light would be great for tracking deer and not to mention it could be held in you mouth if need be for that third hand. I also like to camp and hike so being small and light weight is great. The keychain would mean easy access on the outside of my pack. So there you have it!!!

  4. I only use all natural flashlight. A jar full of lightning bugs.

  5. Hey Luke, When your out Squatchin at night, Firefly mode would come in handy here in Kentucky. You want to keep a low profile in the woods... Plus this light is so small and light, You wouldn't even know you had it on you. also the AA battery's make it nice instead of using cr123s. Keep up the good work, Looking forward to your next adventure.

  6. I would like the ThruNite Saber 2014. It is versatile and with it being waterproof, would work good if needed to be used in the rain or snow. It's 3 mode output would be great for use in camp or just on the trail. It has the ability to use either AA or CR123 batteries. I like this version.

  7. My friend insisted we do a difficult night hike a few months back. I had a great time with it and enjoyed the adventure, but my headlamp wasn't nearly up for the job. I'm interested in the Neutron 2A V2 because of the 5 different lumen levels and it runs on AA batteries like many of my other electronic devices.