Thursday, October 16, 2014

ThruNite T20T - Preview and Test

Today we are taking a look at the ThruNite T20T flashlight.

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Cool White
Neutral White Versions

ThruNite T20T Titanium alloy flashlight.

You can choose CR123A, RCR123A or 16340 battery to run it with a max output of 255 lumen.

 INCLUDES : Inside, in packing foam, is the light, diffuser wand, extra o-ring, pocket clip with screws and mini-Allen key, and manual.

Features and Specifications

However, you are able to switch modes by either full off/on clicks of the switch, or a partial soft-press and release. Pressure required for the soft press takes a little getting used to, but does work (and is rare on a reverse clicky switch). Mode sequence is Lo  Med  Hi, in repeating sequence.

Thoughtfully, the T10T still works as a twisty-style light – even in titanium form. With the switch clicked in the On position, you can turn the light off/on or change modes by a simple loosen/tighten twist of the head.

There is mode memory, if you wait at least 2 secs after turning the light off before re-activating. Otherwise, you will simply change modes.

There is no strobe or SOS mode on the T20T.

Fluted edges at the top so you can turn on and off the flash light with one hand.

TIP:  install the included stainless steel pocket clip as it help with grip, bit it serves as an effective anti-roll device otherwise, there is nothing to stop rolling. The clip is not very large, and fairly lightweight, but seems to work alright as a pocket clip.  fastened by a pair of hex screws.

 Thrunite T20T: Weight: 43.1g, Length: 80.0mm, Width bezel: 20.0mm

- Cree XP-G2 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.

- Uses 1*CR123 /1*RCR123/ 1*16340 battery.

- Max output: 255 lumens with XP-G2.

- Output mode: Firefly: 0.04Lm 100hours; Low: 11Lm 19hours; High: 255Lm 55min.

- Working voltage: 0.9V-4.2V

- 80.5mm Length×20.0mm diameter.

- 43g weight without battery.

- Reverse polarity protection design to protect from improper battery installation.

- Tail-switch and twisting head design.

- Titanium alloy TC4 body with surface treatment polishing process.

- Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

- OP reflector gives perfect flood.

- Removable clip.

- Stand on tail to serve as a candle, with the wand covered on the head.

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