Friday, October 28, 2016

Battlbox Mission 20 - Unboxing and Discussion

Battlbox Mission 20 Box; the unboxing and discussion begins now.

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Battlbox :  This is the dominating survival subscription box if there is one who can hold that title.  Over the years as Susan and I have taken a look at these type of monthly boxes, there is one that our viewers have been not only asking about but vouching for and that would be the Battlbox.

Each Box is a mission: For example this is Mission #18 which is all about fishing.  You may be wondering if every box

Only for the USA and the 50 States.

4 tiers :

Basic : 24.99  Receive 4-7 hand selected items from survival tools and manuals to emergency supplies and EDC gear.

Advanced : 49.99 Receive 6-10 hand-selected items. Additions includes 2-3 higher value items such as tactical pens, camp stoves, water purification and more.

Pro : 99.99 For the serious professional. Receive 7-11 items. Additions includes 1-2 kickass products such as tents, survival watches and tactical belts.

Pro Plus : 149.99 For the elite collector & big spender. KOTM included in each box, blade brands like Kershaw, Spyderco, Mantis, 5.11, Gerber, SOG, Buck, Fox, and many more.

If you have signed up before 8PM EST on the 3rd of each month, your BattlBox will ship by the 9th of that month, and should arrive no later than the 15th. If you sign up after 8PM EST on the the 3rd, your Battlbox shipment will begin on the following month. For example, if you subscribe on APRIL 2nd, your BattlBox will ship by APRIL 9th. If you subscribe on APRIL 9th, your first Battlbox will ship by MAY 9th.

Yes! It is almost impossible to include enough “cool” gear in each box for the entire thing to be themed, but certain products in each box WILL be themed each month for a different survival or tactical scenario. For us, this is one of the most fun parts of creating each box, and we look forward to sending some of the stuff we’ve found!

The values of the products are all right on par with what I was able to find online.  Good for you guys.  My advice to the company is to keep it real when it comes to the value of the gear that you offer.  It’s easy to add a few dollars on there and you will get busted.  If you list the value, people will check on it.  Countless sub boxes do this and we have busted many of them for going over the top.

The first thing that hit when I opened these boxes is that these are serious monthly subscription boxes.  The gear, the products are all name brand, high quality products and there is no cheap chinese products.

The biggest down fall that we have seen with monthly subscription boxes is that they pack into these boxes a ton of inexpensive chinese junk; that is not the case here with the battlboxes. When you get high quality products you feel like you are getting your monies worth and when you don’t it’s natural to feel like you are getting screwed.

Battlbox has a huge following and a very active forum which I enjoyed spending some time.  One cool thing about the forum is that subscribers can buy, sell and trade unwanted gear if there is something that they don’t need.  This is an awesome function to the site.

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  1. First off, what is the weight of the tarp?

    Second, really, don't knock the Chinese. In my last outing a lost a couple of Chinese clips due to my penchant for camo-colored gear. I didn't worry about it. I just ordered a new clips at rock bottom prices. The Chinese have lots of steep mountains. They understand hiking, backpacking and camping. I haven't been disappointed at all with their cheap stuff. I'm a fan.