Wednesday, October 5, 2016

British Mosquito Tent - Setup and Preview

It's Military Surplus Wednesday and Luke has the British Mosquito Tent!

Link :

Price : $28

Weight : 81.2oz / 5lbs / 2301.9g / 2.3kg

A stand-alone insect net. Meant for British field cots, but nothing stops you from throwing a regular kip mat inside. Modern British army surplus, so we're talking about quality stuff for a low price.

Not much to say - you get the complete set needed to erect this and a personal mosquito net too. Measurements on the ground level about 200 x 70 cm, but at 30 cm about 180 x 60 cm. You can throw this on top of a standard field cot and secure it with the provided velcro straps. Weight for the whole package is 1,8 kg.

Used and intact. Can't promise these are totally free of rips or tears, as we really can't be arsed to check each and every one of them individually. The few we did check were in very nice shape and you'll probably get one like that too.

Free Standing

Zipped Entry

1 Cot Mounted Mosquito Net

2 Sets Of GRP Rod Sections

4 Pins

Travel Bag

2'8" x 6', 3' center height.

Olive Drab color

I think this would make for a really cool and really functional system when combined with a tarp setup.  You would roll a Basha tarp right in with the tent.

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