Monday, November 7, 2016

Packhawk Survival Axe - Head and Handle Package - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Packhawk Survival Axe.

Link :!/Packhawk-Survival-Axe-Head-&-Handle-Package/p/57694034/category=19650229

Price : $78.11 (£63.98) Ships worldwide

Package includes:-Packhawk Axe Head-Sheath-Wire chain saw-3m of 550 Paracord-Cotton Pouch

Technical Specs:OAL: 164mmOAW: 100mmBlade Length: 75mmThickness: 6mmWeight: 400gMaterial: O1/1095 Tool SteelFinish: Traditional Beeswax

PackHawk Survival Axe- Breakdown Handle

A extremely quick to build handle option for our PackHawk Axe, this allows the user to go from the rucksack pocket to a fully useable axe in less than a minute!

Heavy duty steel handle for our Packhawk Survival Axes. Breaks down and fits into the survival axe cotton pouch.

Assembly/disassembly of handle and axe takes less than a minute.

Powder coated for durable, tough finish.

Handle includes:

•       Breakdown Handle with paracord wrapped hand grip.

•       Bolts

Allen Key for assembly/disassembly

Review :

What I love about this is that with very little room being taken up in your pack you have a very versatile tool.  With one setup you have a hatchet.  With another you have an axe.

It’s very easy to put it together and very simple to break it down.

I’m glad that the cotton bag is included but I don’t trust it for my own personally carrying.  I will move this entire kit over to zippered bag which will completely secure each component of my axe system.  You wouldn’t want to take a chance of something falling out of this bag.


  1. This hatchet is good quality and honestly one of the sharpest edges that you would need to carry in a survival situation. Anyone who complains about it not being able to chop down a tree needs to reread its intended purpose. Great review! I also learnt more about axes here:

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