Monday, November 28, 2016

Victor Onekama 23" Hudson Bay Axe - Review

Today Luke is reviewing the Victor ONEKAMA - 23" HUDSON BAY AXE.

As you may know, Luke has been on a roll with axe reviews lately and they will continue into the future with a wide range of products; ranging from the expensive to the inexpensive.  This one here is on the high side when it comes to cost but the quality is terrific.

Link :

Price : $205

Generally known as the sportman's axe, the Hudson Bay is the axe historically used by Hunters and Trappers. Compact enough carry while travel, while packing enough punch to get through most jobs.

This 23" fawn footed Hudson Bay axe is the collective effort between Victor and Council Tool. Drop forged in North Carolina by Council, one of America's last full size axe manufacturers, this axe is modeled after their premium line of Velvicut® tools. It's finished with minimal paint and pure linseed oil to condition the wood handle and reduce wear and tear on hands. What results is what you've come to expect from Victor - a classically designed, covetable tool that will live on.


o   Hand painted/stained handle, Ebony stain, Flat Black paint, all-weather top coat

o   Hand honed and polished cutting edge

o   Hand crafted leather sheath with Antique Brass hardware made by Ed Tucker Custom Leather.  I was familiar with this individual but I did look him up and his leather work is amazing!


o   Head Type: 2 lbs Hudson Bay pattern

o   Head Material: 5160 grade alloy steel

o   Shaping Process: Drop forged

o   Bit (Edge): Tempered to final hardness of Rc 52-56 within 1" from cutting edge

o   Handle Material: American Hickory; Grade A

o   Hang: Wood wedge with juxtaposed steel wedge

o   Overall Weight: 2.75 lbs.

o   Sheath Material: 100% top grade leather, Antique Brass hardware

o   Our head covers are far above the industry standard with heavy leather and hand pressed leather grommets.

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