Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fire Assist - Magnesium Powder Capsules - Emergency Fire Starter

Today Luke is reviewing the Epic X Supplies Fire Assist - Magnesium Powder Capsules - Emergency Fire Starter

Stanford Outdoor Supply Link :

Price : $5.99

·         30 pills per bottle, Pre-filled simple to use capsules.
·         Magnesium is a fine -200 mesh
·         STEP1: Break capsule and pour contents onto kindling
·         STEP2: Hit powder with spark from striker or a flint
·         STEP3: and tinder or flammable material to the resulting flame


  1. Wow! The fire assist capsules are an ingenious idea. I will check them out and purchase some for my upcoming camping trip. Thanks for sharing the tips. I also checked out some resourceful fire starters here:

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