Friday, December 16, 2016

Prandi 3.011.C Axe "German type" - Review

Luke has been on a roll with axe reviews lately so here is another one!  This is the review of the very budget friendly, very impressive Prandi 3.011.C Axe "German type" - Review

Link :

Cost : €38.30 Euros - 40.57 US + Shipping Which is around $20.00 or so.
“Pran –Di”

Model : 3.011.10.CH

Stats :

Head Weight :

1000gr / 2,25lb

Carbon Steel 1045

Total weight : 3lbs 8oz

Only the blade is hardened, 3 cm. Long.

Hardness value: 51/56 HRC

Extremely narrow blade which goes DEEP into whatever this strikes.  It’s beautiful!  If you’re a blade/axe drok like myself, you will likely agree.  When you show this off to fellow axemen, they all say the same thing!  Wow!

Handle :

60cm / 23,65in Hickory – Custom.  Fat but yet man-sized.

Treated with wax or water paint.  The wooden handle is pressed into the eye and it is fixed by the wooden wedge and the ring steel wedge.

Long Shoulder Hunters Axe Handle.  That is what I call it anyways, every region seems to have a different term for different axe handles.  This sort of handle is also referred to as the California Framer, or the Scout, or the House axe handle.

Typically long shoulders like this go with splitters but it’s not entirely uncommon to see.

Axe "German Type", carbon steel C45/1045, with polished and hardened blade. Varnished ash or Hickory handle, Tampoprinted, protector and lace made of genuine leather.

Made in Italy

Axe "German type", carbon steel C45/1045, with polished and hardened blade. Varnished ash or Hickory handle, Tampoprinted, protector and lace made of genuine leather.

Review :

Shaving Sharp = Scary Sharp!

This is what I call a wood-worker axe; is still an easy-to-use tool but still maintains an angry bite. I’ve brought it camping, split through my winter wood pile, and cleared some Birch in the backyard and I still expect to find many more uses for this exemplary piece of craftsmanship. It works very well, holds a great edge, and I bet that it will continue to do so for a very long time. This thing might even outlive me. Looks great, feels great, and can’t complain about that pricing. Exceeded my expectations, to say the least.

This axe's compact size bestows substantial versatility, allowing it to be used as both a lightweight work axe and a dependable packing tool. The widened blade allows this axe to perform exceptionally well as a cutting tool, while still being able to handle moderate splitting work.

If you’re looking for a great workhorse of an ax, look no further. I’ve been using this axe for the past 4 months and have found it to be an exceptional tool.

heavy enough for all around use and about the right size to put on a pack horse. I like it, the handle is put on right, no worry about it coming loose, and very good steel.

Cons :

The handles are varnished and it’s SLICK!  Almost to the point of being dangerous.  I’ve had a hard time keeping this in my hands which means that I am going to do some work on this handle. Now that I’m done with my initial testing with this axe, I am going to correct this issue and there are multiple ways to go about this.

You could wrap it, you could work with treatments such as linseed oil, or there are low tech solutions;

Pine tar, rosin, dirt on your hands, etc.

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