Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Giveaway - Fire B.O.S.S. - Survival Supplement Kit - Enter Now

Today Luke is giving away a FIRE B.O.S.S. BUG OUT SURVIVAL SUPPLEMENT KIT from Stanford Outdoor Supply.  Enter to Win Now!

Link :

Price : $19.99

33 piece kit

The Fire B.O.S.S. is the second kit in our series of Bug Out Survival Supplements, a collaboration of Stanford Outdoor Supply and Guns and Gear Network. Anything you might need to start a fire in any condition is contained in this pocket-sized, waterproof package. Make it easy and use the lighter or matches. Feeling up to a challenge? Craft a fire bow and drill from the included Kevlar thread and flange bearing. It's all up to you! Assembled in the USA.

Kit Contents:

·         1 Lighter
·         Waterproof Matches
·         Ferro Rod and Striker
·         Pocket Fresnel Lens
·         6 Magnesium Capsules
·         Steel Wool
·         4 pieces Char Cloth
·         2 Tealight Candles
·         1 oz. Fatwood Sticks
·         Foil Paper
·         Pencil Sharpener
·         6 Tinder Tabs
·         10' Jute Twine
·         Waterproof Tinder Ball
·         Wire Saw
·         6' Kevlar Thread (for fire bow/drill)
·         1 Flange Bearing (for fire bow/drill)
·         1 Folding Knife
·         1 waterproof survival instruction sheet


  1. I'm entering to win the boss fire kit! I would also like to see another MilSurp adventure please! Thanks!

  2. Enter me please.... and I'd love to see a military surplus also

  3. like to see military surplus adventure that would be fun to wacth

  4. Please enter me for Fire B.O.S.S giveaway

  5. Love a chance at this, thanks. Great site as well, Luke!

  6. Love the Boss fire kit.... would love to see a military surplus adventure in snowy conditions.....

  7. Who couldn't use the boss!! I'd like to see a trip to Dolly Sods. Great wilderness I'm sure you think so too

  8. Hey Luke, sign me up for fire kit!! Would love to see a canoe or kayak overnighter. Love the channel!!

  9. Hey Luke would love to see a Bush craft or backpaking overnighter. Great channel got me hiking

  10. I want to see more AT videos. I haven't seen them in quite a while :)

  11. Entering to win the fire kit. I'd like to see your use navigation skills in a video.

  12. Hi Luke. Military surplus would be great.

  13. How about a minimal winter overnight? No sleeping bag (wool blanket only) and a military surplus sleeping mat. Build a reflective wall for the fire and only clothing worn to survive.
    Up for the challenge?

  14. Other essentials in keeping warm come in the form of sleeping bags or space blankets and small fires. Cooking supplies in order to cook and heat food or water. Matches, waterproof are best or lighters, essentially these are used for lighting fires and stoves. I David Ferraro