Friday, January 13, 2017

Testing Grounds 3 - Overnight Adventure

Testing some gear;

Mora Eldris Mod!
Swag Tent.
Hot Ash Stove.
Fenix TK32
and more.

Thunder.  Lightning.  Gear Failure.

Enjoy!  More adventures on the way.


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  2. i'm no expert in knife sharpening but wranglerstar spends alot of time repairing axes knifes etc..
    this really interesting sharper
    Really depends how much you want to spend vs a standard wet stone.

    Alltrails works good for me

  3. Hey Luke
    I was thinking about your neck knife idea...
    Could you possibly loop the lanyard around the sheath like normal. Then add a small section with a buckle to the knife itself.
    Which would hold the knife from coming out of the sheath. Then when you unbuckle you can pull the knife out of the sheath. Letting use the knife with the sheath still around you neck.

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