Sunday, November 26, 2017

Chasing the Sun - Day Hike + Photography + Stealth Camp Scout

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Join Luke for a multi-aspect adventure where he is chasing the sunrise, doing some photography and scouting out for his next Stealth Overnight Adventure!

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  1. Great job Luke! Wish I could take pictures as great as that! Great way to end a weekend....seeing a new video from the outdoor gear review! Thanks Luke. Joe Z.

  2. Beautiful sunrise, Luke! Thanks for all that breathtaking photography; I can't imagine how much effort it takes to get it done.

    As for new gear, I'm blessed to say I've been able to order the Bear Butt Ghost Fly, which is a hammock tarp offered by a small outfit in Utah. As an upgrade to the Ghost Fly, I picked up a Nite Ize Figure9 tent line kit to eliminate the hassle of knots. I also ordered the Snugpak underblanket, a pack of cord locks and picked up a pair of carabiners to hook it to my hammock's suspension. As an unexpected bonus, I happened to find a small travel pillow at Walmart for under $4, so as soon as this gear makes it to me, I'll be hanging in comfort at least 30 miles from home. Speaking of hammocks, as someone else with back issues, I can tell you with authority that a custom hammock handmade to your specifications will give you the best sleep you've had in your life. I have four degenerated discs, with associated sciatica and arthritis at 37, and not even a top of the line Sealy Tempurpedic mattress set can compete with my Circle Beard hammock. With the materials available now, a man of your build could assemble a complete hammock shelter/sleep system good to 30 degrees and EASILY keep the weight under 4 pounds.