Sunday, November 19, 2017

Simple! - Mountain Laurel Designs Titanium Mug - Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the ultralight and simplistic Mountain Laurel Designs Titanium Mug.

 Solar Eclipse Bushcraft Overnight Adventure :

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Cost : $30

Weight : 1.4oz

at 475 ml, the MLD Titanium Mug makes the perfect UL drinking cup or cook pot for overnights and quick trips where you only plan to rehydrate a meal or two! Go Super Minimalist: Carry no stove and use a tiny twig fire to heat it up quick!

Small + Light + Strong

• Thanks to our custom thin-walled design, MLD Titanium pots and mugs are the lightest Ti cookware available
• Great for fast solo overnights when you only plan to rehydrate a meal or two
• Just the right size for “Dip-Zap-Slurp-Go” with a SteriPen UV purifier.
• Individual cup for drinks from the communal boil pot
• Beefy rolled rim for easy finger grip and setting securely on a mini caldera cone. Aluminum Foil makes a great lid if needed.
• Emergency back up boiling cup to purify water. Just the right size to store a “Ten Essentials” kit inside.
• We just love its small size – PERFECT for kids to have their own mug. We carry one for each little one and heat the hot chocolate in the big pot before serving all around.
• Stores in the MLD Titanium Pot – and most pots larger than 500 ml.

HEIGHT: 3.5 in | 90 mm

WIDTH: 3.2 in | 82 mm

Pros :


Perfect size for coffee or hot chocolate.

Extremely light weight

Strong. – it has seen a lot of use and abuse without any issues.

Can be used for boiling where not all titanium products can be.

Cheaper and lighter weight than the MSR Titan Cup…but the Titan cup does hand butterfly handles.

Fits inside of other cups and pots; those over 500ml so you an additional titanium pot, you can have a full light weight cookkit; pot and cup.

Cons :


MLD seems to be a bit confused as to what the weight of this product is as they state on the listing page two different figures; 1.2oz and 1.3oz.  According to my scale, neither are correct as it is 1.4oz.

This is small; 475ml but that is filled to the brim so you will be boiling less if you decide to boil in the cup.  The small size isn’t con really because this is a cup, not a pot.

Pricey! – At $30 it is roughly $8 more expensive than many comparable products….but most comparable products are twice as heavy.  Something to think about.


Review :

I love this cup and it makes for a perfect addition to my backpacking kit.  I use it with a 750ml pot and I have all of my needs covered.  It is pricey but the weight savings are important to me.  Now with that being said, they may not be that important to everyone.  To a thruhiker, it will be.  To the average short distance backpacker, the weight won’t likely be that important.

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  1. How hot does the cup get holding it with hot coffee and no handles?