Monday, November 13, 2017

What a Mistake! HaHa - Sunjack LightStick Mini Powerbank – Review

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Up for review is the Sunjack LightStick Mini.  Watch now to find out why this product has Luke shaking his head.  What a Mistake.....

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Price : $30

Weight : 4.5oz with lanyard

Light : 350 Lumens

Battery Bank : 2.600 mAh battery bank

Mini Technical Specifications

• Waterproof LightStick – a rugged, portable lighting solution complete with internal powerbank.
• 2 brightness levels + emergency flash (350 lumens on brightest setting)
• IP68 Waterproof to 6.5 feet depth

durable ABS  body, no glass, shock resistant.

• Full charge in 5 hours from the wall, provides up to 60 hours of light on lowest setting.. Highest setting is around 5 hours.

Red SOS Mode

• 2600mAh internal battery charges up to 2 smartphones
• Unit Dimension: 6" x 1.5" x 1.5" (15.25cm x 3.8cm x 3.8cm)
• Unit Weight: 4oz / 113.4g
• Packaging Dimension: 6" x 2" x 1.75" (15.2cm x 5.1cm x 4.5cm)

Pros :


Sunjack makes excellent quality lightsticks; some I have had for years now and they continue to work flawlessly. A few years back I received a knockoff from a company; don’t remember the name of it but it didn’t work very well.  The point of this is; Sunjack continues to offer excellent quality products and that is true with the LightStick Mini.

Good amount of light on all three settings.

It isn’t 360 degrees of light so you can hold it, work and not blind yourself at the same time.

Great for backpacking; use around camp at night and then charge your phone.

The interface works; but it is a bit clunky as you have to click to switch modes and to turn it off.  Not a con, just clunky.

Makes for an excellent emergency light source and battery bank.

Makes for a great work light too.

Excellent size; not too big, not to small.

Weather resistant; I’ve used this one in light rain without any issues and the regular size model has seen rain, snow and bitter colds.  Handled all conditions without any issues.  I don’t expect this model to have any issues either but I will update if something comes up.

Tail cap is secured to the stick so you won’t lose it

You can use the light and charge your device at the same time. Only the lowest setting is available.

Considering that the full size stick is offers more modes and a larger battery bank, you would expect these sticks to be further apart in regards to price but they aren’t.  The mini is only $10 cheaper than the regular size.

Because of the shape of this stick, it doesn’t stand very well and will roll easily.

the red "SOS" signal is NOT correct -- it blinks 3 short, 2 long, 4 short and then repeats this pattern. In Morse code this is "SMH" not "SOS".. For me, it’s not a deal breaker; to be honest, I don’t care at all.

SMH stands for; shaking my head.. FAIL!

SOS is

3 short, 3 long, 3 short.

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  1. I'll politely disagree about the red mode. I use red mode a lot. My eyes are light-sensitive and I like the softness of red far better than white light. Red mode is an absolute must.