Monday, May 28, 2018

Artist Showcase - Andreas Kalani - The Hagen Knife Review

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Today Luke is beginning a new series where he takes a look at custom knives and in this episode his first review is for the Hagen knife from American craftsman Andreas Kalani.

Andreas Kalani Web Site :


  1. That is one badass knife and I love everything about it...just to "see" it hanging on my hip wants me to pull the trigger. The $300 base price makes me cringe. Kalani in Hawaiian translates to Henry, my brother's name, and maybe that's a good omen. I haven't decided on how to spend my tax return, so.....

  2. Luke, thanks for this video Bruh! I visited Andreas' website and I fell in love with his Darian - Limited Edition. So much for cringing at the $300 base price. The Darian is $750 but I gots to have it...know what I mean. There were two spectacular knives in the $1300 range but mi esposa would have my cajones in a vise. Many of his knives are SOLD OUT so that attests to the craftsmanship and quality of his products. Wow!