Friday, May 18, 2018

The perfect Cordage? - Atwood Micro Cord - Review

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Today Luke is reviewing what might be the perfect cordage!
Find out more now with the review of the Atwood Micro Cord.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the micro cord, Luke! I ordered a 125ft spool and with shipping it came to $7.99, great price for quality cordage, and in Air Force gold. Aside from 550 I a also use the twisted #36 bank line; in black it's very hard to see at night. After being "clothes lined" twice I decided to find something a little brighter. Also, I'm getting the guide on knots, a task I really suck at. I have all the basic knots down but I want to master every knot so as to be prepared when they are necessary to use.

    1. Cordage is starting to be very important in my life, I am constantly on the search for better, lighter cord for a variety of tasks. Last year I took out a few books on knots from the library and have practiced the ones I find useful. This has been a godsend, as when my hands are wet and cold I can rig something up without specialized clips and fasteners. The more I know about cordage the better. I currently use a mixture of nylon strap, tactical cord, paracord and amsteel.