Friday, May 11, 2018

What Happened? - Return to the Secret Gem - Day Hike Adventure

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A lot can change in 4 years and that is especially true in the backcountry where nature is in control.  4 years ago Lucas and I explored this trail and rightly named it "The Secret Gem" and today, Susan and I return to enjoy it with you all.

The question is....what happened?
What will we find?
Find out now.

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  1. Luke and Susie, thank you for sharing such a beautiful hike. So sorry to hear about Emily I worked at my brother's drug treatment center in the SoCal mountains and it broke my heart to see young kids destroy their lives with drugs. Those beavers really put the exclamation point on "busy beavers!" but they create such incredible eco systems for other animals. I did a couple of overnighters with my new pack, a Norwegian Army Rucksack, and am working on lowering my pack weight...successful to 27# so far; goal is 20 and no more than 22 including food and H2O. I am planning a weekend in the Monongahela wilderness (solo). Luke, if you have a French F1 Commando tent to offer, let me know. I can get a tan one but I would have to carry a roll of my woodland camo netting to "hide" it, an extra 1.5#. Have a great day guys!