Monday, June 4, 2018

Hill People Gear People Recon Kit Bag vs Ribz Front Pack!

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This is VERSUS and today we have the Hill People Gear People Recon Kit Bag vs the Ribz Front Pack!

Hill People Recon Kit Bag Link :

Ribz Front Pack Link :

Recon Price : $95 for all colors with the exception of the multi cam which is $10 more

Ribz Price : $6

Recon weight :0.81 lb
Ribz weight : 11oz

Sizes :
Recon – One fits all
Ribz – small – XL

If you want all of the details concerning these two rigs, check out my reviews;

Recon Review Link :

Ribz Review Link :


Both of these pack offer the user a similar ability to carrying gear on the chest with a few differences. The Recon pack is located directly upon the chest whereas the Ribz pack directs the gear to the sides.

The Ribz pack offers a much larger capacity so with this test I will essentially fill each of these packs up to capacity. Once loaded up it will be time to get to the hiking; 2 miles to see which is the most comfortable.

Before wrapping up this video; I am not certain how much life the Ribz company has at the moment. I had received an email some time back where a viewer said that the Ribz company had gone under. I contacted the company and they stated that wasn’t the case. Before filming this trip, I checked the web site myself and the site did seem to be having a few problems.  They also didn’t have any products in stock.


  1. RIBZ lovely piece of kit I have owned for years Luke. Both Large and Medium sizes. I rave about them to my mates and boy are they jealous, sad to see they have gone under.