Monday, June 25, 2018

Wait, It has a Dial? No Buttons? - Nitecore EC22 Flashlight - Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Nitecore EC22 Flashlight!  This is certainly....different and it has a DIAL!

Link NiteCore :


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  1. Hi Luke! Normally, I don't pay attention to flashlight videos anymore due to the fact I've got a small plastic bin filled with different flashlights and sheaths. I did private security work for several years and always had at least one on me at any time which most times was a high lumen penlight or a headlamp. In regards to the strobe use, we officers communicated our positions with the strobe mode. Also, when the local fire department or police had to be summoned we used the strobe to note our position to where they would respond. Like you it seems that common sense seems to become a rare attribute anymore, sad to say. Maybe our home stoves should have warning labels such as Beware of the Flames or Hot When Rings Are Red. Yeah, kinda stupid. Also, my OCD says the dial and logo should be aligned.