Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Cot for Backpacking? - Go-Kot Camping Cot Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Go-Kot Camping Cot which was most recently seen in the Military Surplus Overnight Adventure.

Link :

Link :

Price : Reg. $150 EL. $180

Sizes : 2 sizes; Regular 74” long / Extra long 84”

Colors : Peacock Blue, Coyote Brown, Gray, Navy Blue, Red, Green, Black and more.

Assembled: 26"W x 74"L x 8"H

Carrying Bag: 8"W x 28"L x 3"H (Included)

Weight: 9 lbs.

Made in the USA
Capacity: 350 lbs.

Review :
Pros :

Truly excellent design.

Lightweight compared to many outdoor cots.

Small form factor.

Can be carried for backpacking purposes

Excellent materials.

Good length and width

Very stable

Easy to put together.

Easy to take down.

Provides lots of support for those which back, hips and knee issues.

Recognizable brand as they have been around since the 70’s.

Floor guards are included.  For this type of money they should be included and I am glad that they are. They are meant to protect hardwood floors and tent floors.

Cons :

Even though there are more expensive cots out on the market this one isn’t cheap but it is made with top notch materials and it is made in the USA.

Even though it is lighter than a lot of cots, it is still heavy at almost 10lbs.  When getting the details ready to film this video I saw a review on Amazon that stated that it’s so light that it;

“it doesn’t add hardly any weight to our backpacks!”

That’s complete rubbish as you WILL notice 10lbs of weight in your pack but; for that ten pounds you are getting a very comfortable cot to sleep on.

The cordura material is rough to sleep on; not a problem if you are inside of a sleeping bag but not the most comfortable if you have just a blanket.

Summary :

I didn’t think I would like the Go-Kot as much as I have and that’s based on my previous experiences with other cot products.. I have military cots, cots from other companies and in most cases they aren’t products that I would really recommend for numerous reason but the Go-Kot is different.

It’s a very smart product which features a truly ingenious design which I haven’t seen before.

While it isn’t the cheapest cot, it is by far not the most expensive.  Cots can be expensive with prices going up into the $300 range when it comes to backpacking models.

This cot is very easy to put together and easy to take down; can be done in a minute.  This is important because some cots can be hard as FUNK to put together…I have some which literally require two people.

The Go-Kot isn’t the lightest but when you factor in a balance of weight, price, ease of use and durability, it hits all of the important marks for a great cot.

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  1. How long have you had your cot for? I ordered one based off of your review and I do love it its extremely comfortable however there were no floor guards included on my legs. Maybe on an older model they were included?