Friday, July 20, 2018

Sierra Designs Cloud 35 Sleeping Bag – Zipperless Sleeping Bag Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the Sierra Designs Cloud 35 Sleeping Bag which happens to be a Zipperless Bag; recently seen in the Maine Overnight Adventure.

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Link :
Price : Retail is $270 but it is common to see this selling for around $200
Weight : 1lb 7oz
Sizes : Regular and Long – This is the Regular version.
Versions : There is also a Cloud 20 degree back which is 1lb 13oz
Color – only available in blue.


·       EN Limit Temp Rating: 26F / -3C
·       EN Comfort Temp Rating:  36F / 2C
·       Fill Weight: 9.5oz / 268g
·       Minimum Weight: 1lb 7oz / 0.66kg
·       Sleeping Pad Sleeve Circumference:  45.5" / 115.6 cm
·       Fits Sleeping Pad (WxH): 20" x 2.5" / 51 x 6.4 cm
·       Fits Up To: 6' 0" / 183 cm
·       Length: 78in / 198 cm
·       Shoulder Circumference: 60" / 152 cm
·       Hip Circumference: 58" / 147 cm
·       Footbox Circumference: 40" / 102 cm
·       Mesh Stoarge Bag Size (LxW): 20 x 12" / 51 x 31 cm
·       Stuff Sack Size (L x W): 13 x 7" / 33 x 18cm
·       Mummy style bag

o   Insulation: 800FP PFC-Free DriDown
o   Shell Fabric: 15d nylon risptop
o   Liner Fabric: 15d nylon risptop

o   Patent pending zipperless design for more comfort
o   Oversized integrated comforter resemble all the comforts of your bed at home
o   Insulated shoulder pocket keeps comforter wrapped around you sealing out drafts
o   Patented self-sealing foot vent allows fast and easy ventilation
o   Sleeping pad sleeve keeps pad under you for comfort and warmth and replaces unnecessary bottom insulation
o   PFC-Free 800FP DriDown® and 15d nylon fabrics

Pros :
The whole no zipper thing….it works!
Incredibly lightweight for the temp rating.  No bottom down which saves on weight. You might be saying; Hey I want my down on the bottom and the truth is, no you don’t.. When you compress down It doesn’t keep you warm.. Loft gives you warmth.

Very comfortable – because of the design you can sleep how you want to and it’s easy to manage warmth and air. Think of this bag as a mix between a sleeping bag, a quilt and a comforter as you have a lot of options when it comes to use.  You can have your arms in, arms out, you can even rotate it and use it like a down quilt.

Packs down SUPER small thanks to the high fill down.

Excellent quality and materials.

The temp rating is 35F and I believe that you can reach that rating.  The lowest temps that I have experienced in this is 40F and it was incredibly warm.

I also like the "self sealing foot vent" that allows you to stick your feet out the bottom without undoing anything if they're feeling hot. It does not seem to let any warm air out when our feet are cold.

Cons :
My typical complaint with Sierra Designs is their color schemes; it’s a sleeping bag, who really cares of the color….but wait….I do.  It’s not bad but I wish that it wasn’t so vibrant. 

Because there is no zipper while tossing around in the night it is possible to pop out because you can’t seal it shut. The bag does tuck in on itself and you will have to be conscious of what you are doing to prevent it from unraveling.  Want to prevent the unraveling? Insert a sleeping pad into the back and you won’t have this problem…but then you could potentially get cold in lower temps.

Also with a sleeping pad inserted, the hood of the sleeping bag doesn’t wrap around my head comfortably.

For summer use I like the sleeping pad sleeve….but in the cooler months I don’t because it has a tendency to pull the bag away from your body which means that you will have cold spots.

Summary : I love this sleeping bag and so does my wife.  She has stolen this from me on a number of trips because she likes the ‘mummy’ feel.


  1. Nice and thorough review on this Sierra Designs model, Luke. Also, I love how you post the specs and thoughts with this video. It appears as though Sierra Designs used another country's flag, seems I recall an African nation with those colors. That vivid yellow stripe is too wild. I own a Sierra Designs sleeping bag bought over 10 years ago and it is a nice subdued hunter green. The rating on it is also 35, however, at 40 I supplemented it with an SOL breathable bivy. The mountain wind chill factor was the problem. I never zip up in any of my bags as I'm claustrophobic, use them like top quilts. The key features on this new design are pretty nice. The colors are not conducive to stealth camping. Teletubby under a MARPAT tarp...nahhh! I'll pass on this one.

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