Friday, July 13, 2018

Military Surplus Overnight Adventure - -

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This is what everyone has been waiting for; the Next Military Surplus Overnight Adventure featuring Military Surplus from all around the world.

A Rare Army Tent.
Moose; the 1986 CUCV M1008 Army Truck.
Some Bushcraft.
A Camp Fire.
A project rifle that I have been working on.

I hope that you all enjoy it!

Strength and Honor


  1. How did ya like the boreal 21? heard they really great saws.. Igot the 336 marlin also. I want the 35rem cal next for boar and bear..

  2. That was a great overnighter, Luke! Your 30-30 is sweet. In Arizona we called them "brush guns" and they were useful in hunting coyotes...a huge menace to the local ranchers. We would hunt them on horseback. The Nemo tent and cot setup was quite unique. I have a large "house" tent and used a military cot but your cot looks a helluva lot more comfortable and I like how low to the ground it is vs other camp cots.