Monday, September 24, 2018

Is It Any Good? - ClubTAC September 2018 Subscription Box Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the September ClubTAC Subscription Box. Is it any good?  Find out now!


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  1. I would be sorely disappointed to receive this box.. do not like subscriptions like these, even Battlbox. To get my money's worth I research every item I purchase even down to small match containers. For me the fun is to go to REI, Outdoor World, Cabela's, etc. to see and "feel" what I am looking for or just what seems interesting. Your honest reviews have helped me in the past to buy gear. So far, Luke, you "done good"! My favorite is the Savage Mark II 22 rifle you presented in one of your videos. I absolutely love it! One day, I would like to see a review on the Ruger LCP 380 second generation...your thoughts on it. I bought one but have not fired it yet. I bought it for a safety precaution on deep forest hikes.