Friday, September 28, 2018

NAVY UPDATE - Random Lunch and Chat

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Join Luke at Lone Wolf Mountain as he takes a break from reviews and adventures to talk with the viewers. Including an update concerning his daughter and the Navy.


  1. Sincere congratulations to Madison! Totally awesome. I remember the very day that my family said goodbye to me before I boarded a plane for my boot camp. Sadness, excitement, all of the associated emotions. Man, that was almost 53 years ago and now I'm in total retirement. My wife and I have decided to forego moving back to Hawaii as it has gotten too expensive to live. Pensacola or Gulf Breeze will be our final home and stomping grounds. Hey, Luke, good penmanship will open countless doors. My signature alone has landed me a number of jobs in my travels. I also do calligraphy and that has earned extra cash when I raised my kids as a young sergeant in the Air Force. Penmanship is not taught in schools anymore and that is a travesty. Too many people depend on their keyboards to communicate. I still love writing letters to my family and friends. Texts and emails are so impersonal. Anyway, I'm glad to see your property is fine and as far as your "arsenal", excuse me, your collection, I love the Savage Mark II and that shotgun you had on video. I just joined Outdoor Access and I'll be able to go plinking and target shooting, along with camping and fishing, this fall on several different properties and locations. Best of luck to Madison and to you guys on your excursion. Also, a belated Happy Birthday to your son, Luke. Take care! Alex

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