Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Perfect Flashlight Pouch - Specter Single 40mm Pouch - Pouch 2

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This is the second episode of Pouches which is all about PALS/MOLLE pouches.  There are so many pouches and variations on the market but when you go online to try to find the perfect one it is virtually impossible to tell what you are looking at.  Most sites don't even provide dimensions for size referencing.

I'm going to change this with this new series and today we have the Specter Single 40mm Pouch which makes an excellent flashlight carrier.

Link :

Price : $3.95

Colors : Available in Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Tan and ACU Universal Camo

Weight : 2.5oz

This pouch is designed to carry a single 40mm grenade.

This pouch is constructed from 1000 denier cordura nylon with an inner packcloth liner and features both velcro and side release buckle closures for maximum versatility and pouch security. This pouch also features Specter Gear Specter Snap system that is fully compatible with current MOLLE/PALS load bearing equipment yet allows for greater versatility and easy field repair. Additionally, this pouch features Specter Gear new free flow pouch bottom design that allows sand, dust, water and other debris to rapidly pass through the bottom of the pouch much more efficiently than a grommet or mesh would.

Small enough for use on a backpack as well as your belt for tools and gear.
In my opinion, this is the perfect size for a flashlight as long as it is within

What I like is that it is extra secure; you have the buckle and the velcro


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